Small investment, BIG returns

hero-img-xsxxlXSXXL.COM is a Hong Kong based extra large fashion retail specialist established in 2007. The company provides a one-stop shop for providing  extra large size branded fashion to customers. In 2010, XSXXL.COM hired IDEO in cope with its expansion strategy.


  • increase sales by enhance the company website XSXXL.COM
  • better inventory control
  • increase customer loyalty through different channels


  • A fully customized e-shopping website is launched. With this custom made solution. The company could execute different promotion strategy timely and accurately.
  • Just-in-time inventory management system and point of sales system are implemented. Since some items from XSXXL.COM are rare. A timely inventory management system is the key of decision making for buying and selling strategy. Furthermore, the system also provides support for membership system in order to increase customers loyalty.
  • A electronic direct mailing (eDM) system is setup. The company can now provide customers with a variety of e-mail system options to meet their needs, and launch marketing campaign on timely basis.


  • Sales increase dramatically after the launch of the e-shopping site.
  • JIT inventory system enhance the buying process as well as promotion strategy.
  • The royalty-free eDM system successfully mange over ten thousand emails and mades communications with customers more often.


XSXXL.COM has expanded its business by opening a brand new shop in 2013. A video capable on-line chat system is also implemented in order to strengthen the communication with customers.


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Small investment, BIG returns