App & Web Development

From Code to Solution

IDEO is a Hong Kong based software development company with over a decade of experience in providing reliable software solutions to businesses from a broad range of industries. We cover areas such as CMS, mobile apps, and web solutions.

We focus on your business, not technology.

You need solutions, not technology. We care how we can solve your problem and help your business growth. That's why we ask the right questions from the beginning of our collaboration, in order to validate your business problems and create a clear roadmap towards achieving the required business goals.

Proven Expertise

We pick highly experienced specialists in web, and mobile development. IDEO employs the latest technologies to create solutions that combine a solid proof technical backend with easy to use UI/UX.

Our specialists speak plain language 🙂

Not everyone can understand the incredibly rapid technology changes. So we don't use jargon, or technical terms if common language can presents our ideas.

What we've completed

Check out our portfolio to see how we help our clients.